SolarJet® multi-string optimizer

Achieve Multi-String Optimization at Jet Speed

For reasons of cost-effectiveness, multiple solar panels are connected serially in photovoltaic plants, which creates a "string." Among these strings, there are inevitable variations in performance due to manufacturing differences, non-uniform string lengths , differences in shading, soiling, misalignment, tracking system (if exists), and more.  These lead to string mismatches. Plus, with today’s 1,500V inverters, string variation is getting even more severe. 

Even the smallest string mismatch impacts total efficiency, reducing the overall energy yield by 2-10%, sometimes even more.

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What is SolarJet®

Vigdu SolarJet® is an inverter-agnostic, plug & play multi-string optimizer and balancer that instantly solves the mismatch problem in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 

SolarJet® is installed at the combiner box level. In new installations, it might even eliminate the need for a combiner box. In retrofit/repowering/revamping/refurbishment of existing plants, SolarJet® provides easy installation and a straightforward way to achieve additional energy from existing panels.

How SolarJet® works

SolarJet® is a multi-string DC/DC converter. It isolates each string to create the optimal working point for bad/weak strings and good/strong strings.  It increases the energy harvested from both weak and strong strings by constantly tracking each string’s Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in real-time, independently of the inverter MPPT, while keeping its output voltage at the inverter’s optimized MPPT. It constantly measures each string´s performance and reacts instantly to optimize the overall performance. No changes are needed in the Inverter to receive the extra energy produced by SolarJet®. The inverter keeps working in its normal mode.

In addition to being a multi-string optimizer, SolarJet®:

  •         Offers string level monitoring and analyzing (without the need for additional cables or Radio)
  •         Provides leakage detection and isolation
  •         Delivers rapid shutdown (Optional)

How is SolarJet® different from alternative solutions?

Unlike other products in the market that are inverter dependent, the inverter-agnostic SolarJet® works with any inverter. Immediately after installation, it fixes the desired optimal power to achieve overall system efficiency rather than merely inverter efficiency.

Key features and benefits

Proactively identifies mismatches and maximizes energy yield and ROI

Operates with ultra-high efficiency of 99.9%

Offers better correction for different mismatches through smaller MPP zones

Avoids costly rewiring and re-trenching at retrofitted plants

Provides string level monitoring and analysis