PID Prevention and Recovery

Prevent and Recover Solar Panel Degradation to Maximize ROI

PID can severely damage the performance of photovoltaic plants and earnings. In the beginning stages of PID, its negative effects can be written off as due to other possible reasons for degradation, like weather, soiling, maintenance, irradiation levels, and LID. By the time it has been accurately diagnosed, PID can have an overall negative effect on plant production totaling 10% to 20%.

Vigdu PR helps PV modules function more productively and helps stakeholders avoid non-refundable damages and unnecessary losses now and over the lifetime of their plant.

vidgu PR

How Vigdu-PR works

As floating, high voltage, and bifacial photovoltaic systems become more common, there’s risk of heightened PID. Even panels advertised as PID-free have a permitted degradation of up to 5% - which can make a huge difference over the lifetime of a plant. 

Vigdu-PR anti-PID solution works at night time to prevent and recover PID damage. It ensures maximum efficiency, highest solar power yield, and longer system use with reduced maintenance or need of panel replacement.

How is Vigdu-PR different from competition?

The plug-and-play Vigdu-PR extracts the highest yield from solar power at an incredibly cost-effective manner. It serves up to 6 string inverters with one device only. It’s suitable for all photovoltaic systems, offering fully automatic operation, and fast return on your investment.

Key Features and Benefits

Post-installation solar power yield improvement

Compact, easy-to-install plug-and-play connection

Highly efficient field-proven technology

IP65 outdoor protection plus UV resistance

Fully analog, long-lasting components

Remote monitoring (RS485 Optional)

Comes with the Vigdu guarantee

Certifications EMC EN 61326-1 (2013) SAFETY EN 61010-1 (2010)

Vigdu PR Series


The simplest permanent solution for small and medium systems


The perfect solution for for commercial & Industrial photovoltaic systems


For utility scale central inverters in solar photovoltaic systems

Vigdu-PR Series PR1.x PR15.xx PR25.xx
Inverter typeStringStringCentral
Number of inverters1-34-111-4
Total Power500kW1MW4MW

Vigdu-PR OEM

Vigdu-PR has been successfully deployed as a built-in solution by numerous central inverter manufacturers.